Kromanti Tamarind Spiced Rum (50cl)

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Kromanti Rum is botanically infused with authentic Caribbean herbs and spices giving it a memorable taste you won't forget. It is the perfect drink for rum lovers at the end of a stressful day or week, that you can enjoy either on the rocks or as a base for your own #rumcocktails! Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the tropical lifestyle with just one sip! 

Curious as to why this rum taste so good? Well, this fine rum company produces small batches to ensure they produce the same satisfying taste every time; produced by a family-owned business with each expression derived from one of the many secret family recipes handed down over generations.

For those of you who still need persuading, may we recommend the signature rum from the Kromanti Distillery & Blending House. A Rum that brings all the mellow sweetness of rum into its repertoire thanks to the master stroke of infusing nutmeg, cinnamon, and tamarind to create an unforgettable taste but a more unforgettable experience. 

Available in 50cl and 20cl bottles

At present we are unable to ship to EU locations

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