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How to upgrade your BKnect subscription

In this video we show you how to upgrade your BKnect subscription on the BKnect Marketplace.

In this Tutorial we will show you:

  1. How to upgrade your business account

In this Tutorial we show you how to upgrade your free business account and this video will be most useful if you already have an existing BKnect account and wish to change your subscription package to one of the other subscription packages we have available.

It is important to remember that any alteration of your subscription may require you to add additional information such as images, video or payment details or alternatively may mean that previously entered information is no longer visible on your public business profile page.


In order to use the system within this tutorial you will need:

  • An existing BKnect Business subscription and profile

* Additional information may be required in ordered for upgraded accounts

About "BKnect"

The BKnect Marketplace is a place of value for black professionals and black businesses.  BKnect is a black-owned business, promoted, designed, hosted, and marketed online by black business owners.