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How to link your business to another business

In this video we show you how to link your business to another Business on the BKnect Marketplace.

In this Tutorial we will show you:

  1. How to associate your business with another business


In this Tutorial we show you how to associate your business with other businesses that are on the BKnect Marketplace. You may want to do this for the following reasons:

  • Publicise that your Supply Chain is composed of other Black Businesses
  • Show other business you regularly work with
  • Establish your own industry focused business network via BKnect

Whilst these are all good reasons for using this feature the ability to link your business through the BKnect Marketplace has many possibilities and can result in the following:

  • An increased confidence in your business
  • Help visitors find businesses that offer services or products that compliment your own
  • The mutual referral of customers through BKnect
  • The attraction of individuals who have a business idea that requires the combined services of those your Business group

Therefore knowing how to use this feature is a very useful tool at generating business and business opportunities indirectly, as the more businesses that you are linked to, the greater your potential for your customers to find you and for you to form new business relationships locally and internationally.


In order to use the system within this tutorial you will need:

  • An existing BKnect Business subscription and profile


About "BKnect"

The BKnect Marketplace is a place of value for black professionals and black businesses.  BKnect is a black-owned business, promoted, designed, hosted, and marketed online by black business owners.