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How the Appointments system works on the BKnect Marketplace

In this video we show you how to link your business to another Business on the BKnect Marketplace.

In this Tutorial we will show you:

  1. How the Appointments system works


In this Tutorial we demonstrate how your clients can book service appointments with you and how to manage your service appointments, this will allow you to:

  • Get more bookings
  • Manage your Bookings
  • Improve your ability to provide services to clients



In order to use the system within this tutorial we recommend that you first view the following Tutorials:

  • How to create a Service and Service Provider
  • How to add payment processors


About "BKnect"

The BKnect Marketplace is a place of value for black professionals and black businesses.  BKnect is a black-owned business, promoted, designed, hosted, and marketed online by black business owners.